Professional audio/video solutions are an increasingly popular way to deliver timely and targeted content to businesses and consumers. Large–scale A/V systems such as digital signage and video walls are dominating today's modern landscape – utilized in corporate facilities, airport terminals, university campuses, hospitals, government offices and retail stores.

Powered by unique scalers and seamless engines, ATEN's Seamless Switch Series delivers quick and precise video streaming without delays. The Seamless Switch Series can be perfectly integrated with video wall systems in large–scale A/V operations where collaborative screen displays are required for real–time video distribution.
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Outstanding Scaler Flexibility – Perfect integration with video walls

ATEN's unique video scaling function, built into ATEN's Seamless Switch Series, helps unify various video formats from different sources for the display. It is perfect for integration with video wall systems, as video content can be flexibly scaled up or down to render best output resolutions.

Exceptional Switching Speed – Delay–free content delivery

The ATEN Seamless Switch™ technology takes advantage of an intelligent seamless engine to deliver Full HD content. The seamless engine processes and transmits A/V signals by executing HDCP handshakes, followed by the utilization of a unique scaler, a clock generator and frame buffer to distribute continuous video streams, real–time switching and stable signal transmission.

Intuitive Graphic User Interface – Easy video wall configuration

Video walls allow users to setup multiple displays that are configured to form and show video as a single large screen in various layouts. The ATEN Seamless Switch Series is equipped with video wall functionality accessed through an easy to use web GUI. The video wall setup provides up to 32 connection profiles that users can customize into their preferred layout using a simple point and click web interface, so users can seewhat they want, how they want it.

Integrated Control Mechanism – Simplified installation and maintenance

Integrating the HDMI matrix switching function with video wall processor, the ATEN Seamless Switch Series allows for easy video wall integration without using extra video signal processors. This simplifies the installation process and contributes to cost-effective management.
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ATEN Seamless Switch Series features the revolutionary seamless switching technology and video wall integration, and has the capability of delivering video feeds from different sources to various displays in an instant. ATEN's Seamless Switch Series is easy to integrate with video walls as a result of its stable signal transmission, flexible video output scaling, and real-time video streams 
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The video wall function and Seamless Switch™ technology are implemented in ATEN's HDMI Matrix Switch series and Modular Matrix Switch series to meet different business demands.
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product VM5808H


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The ATEN Seamless Switch Series is a versatile product which has far reaching applications across different business environments. Regardless of how complex or common an installation is, i.e. casinos, traffic control centers, airports, sports stadiums and news stations; or classrooms and meeting rooms – The ATEN Seamless Switch Series offers great flexibility, reliable system performance and superior video quality.
Program directors at broadcast control rooms need to deliver reliable video switching to manage live sporting or breaking news events, and eliminate blank screens or time–delays.   It is important for traffic control operators to easily switch video feeds in order to monitor traffic, accidents, road constructions or other closures.
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Program directors at news stations need to be able to switch content between multiple outputs instantly. In news broadcasting every second counts.   Efficiency and usability are the keys to managing multiple workstations while instructors are giving lectures or hosting exams in large lecture halls or classrooms.
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When broadcasting live sports games in bars or restaurants, video switching is as significant as the game itself. No one wants to miss an important play during the match.   Digital signage is often utilized to broadcast digital advertisements and real-time news flashes; in large public locations, such as shopping malls, commercial districts, and train stations.

Video Extension Solution 
Longer Extension, Multiple Duplication > VE200 / VB552 / VE510

ATEN offers a wide range of video products to provide longer distance extension coupled with high-quality video transmission. The Video Extension Solution not only extends the distance between A/V source devices and display devices, but also duplicates the audio/video signal from a single source to multiple displays. The VE200 can be used in conjunction with the VB552 to extend a single A/V source to multiple displays which are widely distributed in various locations. In addition, to enhance the video quality in a long distance installation, the VE510 Video Synchronizer can also be integrated to compensate for signal delay.

 Example Installation
Tailored Products
Audio/Video Extender
The VE200 allows you to extend the distance between the computer system unit and the display monitor. It supports dual audio/video output and RS-232 channels... more
VGA Over Cat 5 Repeater
The VB552 extends the audio/video transmission range an extra 150m over Cat 5e (or higher) cables. The audio/video signals can be transmitted over even longer distances, up to 450m by using multiple repeaters... more
Video Synchronizer
The VE510 is designed to compensate for video signal delays over large distances. It allows you to correct color phase and timing errors that occur over long distance transmissions... more

Longer Distance Extension
Allows you to set up your displays up to 450m from the source device.
Flexible Configuration
Allows complete flexibility in installation set up, supporting various extension distances and a wide number of displays.
Double Multiplication
The VanCryst™ Video Extension Solution supports video splitter functionality as well as video extension. The VE200 and VB552 both provide two video outputs for signal sharing.
Audio Enabled
Extends the audio signal over long distances and duplicates the signal to multiple outputs.
RS-232 Channel Support
Allows touchscreens to be included in the installation, which is especially suitable for interactive service applications.
Superior Video Quality
Supports two gain control modes for sharpest picture quality. In addition, combining the VE510 in an installation, the Video Extension Solution ensures high video quality over large distances.
Simplified Cabling
Cat 5e cabling eliminates bulky traditional cables, and makes for a neat, efficient, uncluttered work environment.

The Video Extension Solution is ideal for any environments which need to extend the A/V signals and duplicate the signal to multiple displays as well.
 Shopping Malls
 Department Stores
 Transportation Hubs
 Bus/Train Video Systems