Cabling is a Strategic Asset

A high performance, reliable cabling system is critical to your Data Center Infrastructure:

  • Cabling supports 2-3 generations of Network Switches, Servers and Storage Equipment.
  • Cabling is expected to last 10, 15 or more years - increasing the time between replacing the most disruptive and labor intensive piece of the infrastructure.
  • Cabling costs a fraction of your active equipment, power, software and maintenance costs.
  • 70% of network problems can be attributed to poor cabling.

Choosing a Copper Cabling System for your Data Center:

  • TIA and ISO standards recommend Category 6A or higher cabling for Data Centers to support future high speed applications such as 10GBASE-T without requiring to upgrade or replace the cabling.
  • From the best-in-class 60-second Z-MAX termination process to the Quick-Snap efficiency of pre-terminated trunking cable assemblies, Siemon copper systems deliver a host of advancements to to get your data center infrastructure up and running - fast.
  • Shielded cabling eliminates alien crosstalk and EMI/RFI concerns. Siemon's pioneering efforts with shielded cabling (for example, the Z-MAX 6A Shielded Category 6A System) have made these high-performance, flexible systems more userfriendly than ever before.

10G Adoption Rate

Benefits of Shielded Cabling in the Data Center:

  • Longer Projected Lifecycle resulting in lower cost of ownership
  • Superior Alien Crosstalk Performance with No Need For Alien Crosstalk Field Testing
  • Excellent Immunity To External Noise and 100 Times More Resistant To Interference than UTP
  • Increased Data Security
  • Simplified Grounding and Bonding
  • Greater Heat Dissipation resulting in Lower Insertion Loss/Longer Lengths at Higher Temperatures and in PoE Plus Applications

Solutions Enable Cabling to be an Asset for Your Data Center