Unify Your Data Center

Cisco Unified Data Center changes the economics of the data center by unifying compute, storage, networking, virtualization, and management into a single platform. The result is operational simplicity and business agility -- essential for cloud computing and deploying IT as a service.

Cisco UCS SmartPlays

Reduce data center costs with special offers on preconfigured UCS servers.

Unified Computing

Unified Computing

Cisco UCS is the smart, innovative, fabric computing infrastructure that simplifies operations and speeds deployment. It runs applications faster in bare-metal, virtualized, and cloud computing environments.

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Unified Fabric

Unified Fabric

Cisco Unified Fabric provides the foundational connectivity. By unifying storage, data networking, and network services, Unified Fabric delivers architectural flexibility and consistent networking across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Cisco Unified Fabric helps enable convergence, network scale, virtualization-awareness, and intelligence through the industry-leading Cisco NX-OS.

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Unified Management

Unified Management

The Unified Management component of the Cisco data center architecture features end-to-end management software solutions. These solutions provide an intelligent, automated approach to IT management. They offer speed and enterprise-grade reliability while simplifying deployment and operation of physical and bare metal, virtual, and cloud infrastructure.

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Ideal for:
  • Large enterprises
  • Media and entertainment firms
  • Organizations dealing with big data
Built to:
  • Provide highly efficient, large-scale enterprise data retention
  • Help companies to comply with regulatory mandates
  • Reduce risks and provide a highly available data environment
The EMC Isilon Archive Solution for Big Data addresses information and data retention needs. Massively scalable and simple to manage, it enables you to reduce costs, simplify storage management, and comply with corporate or regulatory mandates.
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The Isilon Archive Solution for Big Data, part of EMC Isilon scale-out storage, is highly resilient and includes FlexProtect to protect against data loss with up to an N+4 level of data protection. Plus, you can implement fast, efficient backup and disaster recovery with EMC Isilon SnapshotIQ and SyncIQ software.
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Protect against alteration or deletion with Isilon SmartLock software-based write-once-read-many (WORM) data protection. SmartLock provides absolute retention and protection of data to help meet regulatory compliance requirements such as SEC 17a-4.
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Over 80 percent storage utilization means less storage and less space can house the same amount of data, reducing capital and operating costs. Because Isilon is so easy to manage, fewer IT resources are required for storage administration.
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The Isilon Archive Solution for Big Data is bolstered by a broad range of certifications and partnerships with leading companies including Atempo, CommVault, and Symantec.


Data Protection Solutions for Microsoft

Achieve new levels of business and IT efficiency in Microsoft application and Hyper-V environments.

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Data Protection Solutions for SAP

Maximize SAP performance and availability, improve visibility and control, and consolidate protection.


Deduplication Solutions

Address explosive backup data growth and associated costs.

Featured Solutions - Oracle

Data Protection Solutions for Oracle

Speed and simplify Oracle backup and recovery.


Data Protection Solutions for VMware

Protect growing VMware environments and accelerate IT transformation with smart backup and recovery solutions, services, and technologies.

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Intelligent Archiving Solutions

Reduce email storage and search email for compliance and legal discovery.



  • EMC Data Domain

    Leverage deduplication storage systems for next-generation backup, recovery, and archiving.

  • EMC Data Protection Suite

    Simplify the purchase, implementation, and use of EMC backup and archive software while lowering costs and protecting investments. This suite includes EMC Avamar, EMC NetWorker, EMC Data Domain Boost for Enterprise Applications, EMC SourceOne, and EMC Data Protection Advisor, with both an EMC MozyEnterprise cloud option and/or Syncplicity hybrid cloud option for backup.

    • EMC Avamar

      Use fast, scalable deduplication backup software optimized for virtual environments, network-attached storage (NAS), enterprise applications, remote offices, desktops, and laptops.

    • EMC NetWorker

      Centralize backup and recovery, bridging traditional and next-generation data protection to safeguard information across the data center.

    • EMC SourceOne Archiving

      Improve operational efficiency, enable governance, and facilitate rapid response to discovery requests with advanced information archiving.

    • EMC Data Protection Advisor

      Gain powerful, unified data protection management with automated monitoring, analysis, and reporting.

    • EMC MozyEnterprise

      Take advantage of the option to deploy multi-user environments for cloud-based data backup and recovery.

    • EMC Syncplicity

      Add the option for secure sync, share, collaboration, and real-time document protection for desktop/laptop and mobile users to hybrid cloud.

    • EMC Data Domain Boost for Enterprise Applications

      Gain faster backup and empower application owners to control their own backups directly to Data Domain systems using native utilities.

  • EMC Disk Library for mainframe

    Use a complete mainframe virtual tape library with primary and deduplication storage and end-to-end disaster recovery testing support.

  • EMC ProtectPoint

    Gain faster, more frequent backup and eliminate backup impact on application servers.

  • Mozy

    Secure cloud backup for your desktops, laptops, and Mac or Windows servers.


Today's data center architecture must support a highly-mobile workforce, proliferation of devices, data-driven business models, and be capable of seamlessly incorporating cloud applications and services. To meet these diverse requirements, Cisco offers the Unified Data Center platform, a unified data center architecture that combines compute, storage, network and management into a platform designed to automate IT as a service across physical and virtual environments, resulting in increased budget efficiency, more agile business responsiveness, and simplified IT operations.

Unified Data Center architecture diagram

Cisco's Unified Data Center provides a complete architecture platform including products and solutions in three critical areas:

Unified Management

The Unified Management component of Cisco's data center architecture features automation, orchestration, and lifecycle management to simplify deployment and operation of physical/bare metal, virtual, and cloud infrastructure. Cisco assists IT departments with developing a self-service portal and service catalog to quickly deliver on-demand IT services to support business initiatives.

Unified Fabric

The Unified Fabric component of Cisco's data center architecture delivers high-performance data and storage networking to simplify deployment, help ensure quality of experience, and reduce operating costs. Cisco's integrated network services provide high-speed connectivity and high-availability, increase application performance, and reduce security risk in multi-tenant environments.

Unified Computing

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) anchors the Cisco data center architecture with a highly-scalable, system-level computing solution that integrates computing, access networking, and storage networking. Embedded management capabilities simplify operations across physical, virtual, and cloud infrastructure.

Data Center Services

Smart, personalized services from Cisco and our authorized partners help you realize the full value of your data center investment.

Integrated Solutions

Cisco Unified Data Center is the optimum platform for Cisco Hosted Collaboration solutions and the foundation of pretested and pre-configured solution stacks such as Flex Pod and Vblock Infrastructure Platforms. Open standards and APIs allow for integration and management of hardware and software solutions from Cisco ecosystem partners, providing flexibility to data center architecture.

Cisco's Unique Value

Cisco avoids the complexity of a converged infrastructure through an innovative data center architecture designed specifically to support virtualization in the data center. Cisco Unified Data Center provides:

  • Outstanding performance across physical and virtualized resources
  • Cost efficiency through elimination of silos and simplification of deployment and operating tasks
  • Fast deployment of a highly secure, proven infrastructure to support new business initiatives
  • A broad range of storage, virtualization, application, and management alliance partners

The Unified Data Center also offers a flexible and open data center architecture that will support legacy infrastructure components, as well as delivery of IT-as-a-Service and cloud services.